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Venus and Mars kiss deeply in your relationship sector, lending all the motivation you need to follow suit with someone special. The Moon in Gemini in your nurturance sector says to express your real emotionality. A heartfelt sigh will do. Yasmin Boland is back next week. Your stars today were written by Ra Rishikavi Raghudas. PS Get your horoscope chart done for free — just click here!

Your Horoscope for the Week of June 24, 12222

The Moon will transit your sign through to Friday, and you can be seeking to start fresh, turning over a new level on an emotional level. Get your unique Personalized Horoscope for the year ahead—over pages long—for a detailed guide to your best days and your most challenging days for attracting love, career success, communication, and more.

Monthly Horoscope Overview for October for Pisces:. Finances, close relationships, support, intimacy, and passion projects are in strong focus in October, dear Pisces. It's a month for settling outstanding accounts and collecting money owed. Relationships can be tricky, especially if you focus too intensely on problem areas, which is a real tendency! There can be some tensions regarding an intimate relationship, the distribution or sharing of money, attention to children, or power dynamics in a close relationship.

However, there are also solutions to problems in these same areas, making it an excellent time for getting issues out into the open and putting them behind you. A loan, bonus, refund, or mortgage may come through, and a partner, if applicable, might enjoy a pay raise this month.

Weekly Horoscopes for the Week of June 24 | Glamour

Your spirits lift considerably in the last week of the month, and regarding love and friendship, you're more inclined to put your faith in others rather than question their motives. The is particularly fortunate for love, communication, travel, and making connections. In particular areas of your life this month, you're feeling more in charge, especially with educational pursuits and friendships or group endeavors. New ideas and approaches to your social life can emerge and empower you.

Starting with Mercury on the 3rd, planets entering your spirit sector ease self-expression and smooth out communications. Your outlook is positive, and you're seeking solutions rather than dwelling on problem areas. You find more pleasure in learning. You're feeling inspired and allowing new ideas to flow. You're likely to learn quite a few things that will help your career and social prospects. You have less tolerance for lifeless, dry interactions and subjects.

Freedom of movement is especially important to you, and feelings of being tied to a particular place or routine can leave you feeling stifled. Aim to be flexible and avoid abrupt decisions or moves for best results. Towards mid-month, there can be revelations related to money, ownership, valuables, values, talents, sharing of responsibilities, and power dynamics. You see a matter more clearly, and part of this is because you are honest with yourself. Whether it's an important revelation about business or a situation that calls for standing up for yourself, this is a time that demands necessary changes and adjustments.

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Through these refinements, you're establishing greater feelings of self-worth, value, security, and comfort. You're also getting in touch with needs that you were previously avoiding or too busy to notice. Mars heads into your solar eighth house on the 4th, and you tend to go all in or not at all with a relationship or project. Push yourself to overcome any issues around initiating, leadership, and self-assertion to drive progress in your career.

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  • Just pick up the wisdom from any misunderstandings or accidentally hurt feelings and make amends. Thursday, the moon in earthy Taurus may welcome a surprise discovery or person while out and about. Groups, peers, and your wider circle of friends are up for radical change over the new few years, so be aware.

    Open up to exciting or unique new members of your clan and perhaps some quick exits as well. In any case, expect fresh faces to continue to surprise and delight—if not occasionally shock—you. Your social presence and zone of fun and creativity are pulling you in different directions on Monday.

    With Neptune in the mix from your house of both endings and sex, well, there could be some romance on the cards.

    Daily Horoscopes: September 24, 12222

    If not, it may be time to experience a dancing or drawing class. You'll be feeling the urge to express in some way; let the muse out rather than let it bottle up into drama. Consider your actions before bitching to a coworker or superior, especially in the zap zone on Wednesday. Midweek sees your occult zone lit by lunar light. Think about introducing a daily practice like pulling a tarot card each morning to tap into your inner voice, or journaling in a gratitude diary to set your day up. This week also suggests an exciting connection with someone at work, but scope it out before you make any moves.

    Monday delivers a stabilizing flow between your partnership and romance zone. Finally, boundaries are balanced perfectly with the idealism you seek. This is a great vibe for weaving some magic on date night. The mystic book Celestine Prophecy suggests chatting to a stranger if they stand out in a positive way, as they have a message for you and you have one for them.

    Consider it an experiment. Any old secret creepy crawlies that need clearing will show themselves on Wednesday as either a friend or your place in the larger social milieu brings things to a boil. To make the most of this month, do the deep work and stand up to any challenges that come your way. Allow the space these areas are calling for. Signing up for a short course or seminar may provide a charming connection or simply stimulate philosophical conversation.

    While it might clash with work or disrupt your routine, it may later benefit you. Tuesday sees your relationship and career butt heads. Do you need more independence in your one-on-ones or room to stand up for your personal self-expression and goals? You prefer to create harmony and shy away from confrontation.


    Stand up for what you want, take the space, lead, and initiate. Other people will provide the triggers that reveal what needs working on and as in most cases; it all stems from childhood and repeats.

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    • See it as an incredible opportunity to heal your shine and sense of self that will feed back into creating the kind of relationships you want. Relationships are important to you, but you need to balance we with me.

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      Build yourself up! You'll be receiving all sorts of interesting pitches for collabs, especially involving teaching or getting yourself seen across borders. Wednesday is the zap zone for this one, so note what or who connects with you. Travel could be in the cards. Expect the unexpected. Meanwhile the sun in your sphere of beliefs clashes with your health and work zone.

      Pisces Weekly Astrology Horoscope 24th June 2019

      Make sure you represent your higher ideals or it will impact your sterling sense of self. Incorporate a daily practice that supports your independence.