Aquarius Moon Sign People

Capricorns are serious and quite pessimistic and generally do not express their true emotions, while Aquarians are energetic, optimistic and friendly. Aquarians often try to intellectualize the feelings and are unaware of their own true emotions. Capricorns prefer to follow traditional methods and are more cautious in trying out new ideas, whereas Aquarians crave for adventure and love to try out novel ventures.

Aquarians want their personal freedom and do not like to be controlled or possessed, whereas Capricorns are more committed and dedicated and sometimes may try to control their partners. Since both of you have different needs, you may feel inhibited in expressing your true feelings. Capricorns want security and set boundaries, whereas Aquarians want to change the world breaking all the rules. If you both can overcome your differences, you can perfectly complement each other and make an amazing couple. Aquarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Aquarius Moon Sign Both of you will have a great understanding with each other and have similar likes and dislikes.

You both are very independent and do not like to be controlled, which could lead to disputes at times. Your combination can be either very good or very bad, depending upon the situation. Both of you are rebellious and love to experience new things. Neither of like to be domesticated. You both are inclined to try out novel ideas instead of sticking onto old traditions. Both of you love to be a part of a group, especially where you can talk about intellectual ideas.

You both are very idealistic and cannot accept the feelings of self and of others, which are less than perfect. Sometimes, you are unaware of your own true emotions, which to others may appear detached or emotionless. Both of you tend to build up your feelings inside unless you can no longer contain them within you. Also, you both will prioritize social needs before your family, which might hurt your loved ones.

While Pisceans are gentle, moody and withdrawn, Aquarians are energetic, sociable and want to be a part of a group. Pisceans are emotional and sensitive whereas Aquarians often rationalize or intellectualize the situations and people. Both of you are helping in nature — while Pisceans think to help on a personal level, Aquarians consider humanity as a whole.

Pisceans are very sensitive and easily influences and Aquarians are more often unaware of the feelings of the Pisces natives. Aquarians will rather prefer intellectual partners rather than the emotional and over-sensitive Pisceans. If you both are willing to work together, then you can make things work out in your relationship. Pisceans can teach the Aquarians some empathy and Aquarians can teach some independence and clarity of thoughts to the Pisceans. If you both stride together appreciating your common interests, then you can definitely make a happy couple.

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Moon in Aquarius // Emotional Aquarius

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Listen to this article. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Reach Our Readers Advertise on Sasstrology. This is another ambitious sign, so you are an achiever and won't fall in love with any starving artist anytime soon. You work hard, and others depend on your sensible advice. You are sensual, but don't broadcast it, only those with excellent taste see that!

The Aquarius Moon is how your show your feelings and express yourself, and is the twist in this trinity. You may fall in love quickly or make fast decisions which surprise others. You like to get your own way.

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You have a stubborn streak, but I like this about you, it livens up your personality. You often surprise those around you by being more fun than they expected! The Aquarius Moon rules your emotions, so they can be somewhat erratic. It's hard for a person to know where they stand with you. You like freedom and unconventional romantic arrangements.

The Cancer Ascendant is how others see you. Cancers are kind and fun, nurturing and get bored easily. Actually they change often too, as the Moon rules Cancer and it goes through each of the 12 zodiac signs every month. As couples, Cancers and Aquarius people are commonly found couples.

Moon in Aries

So you should be OK, you need someone who can cope with a person who changes often. Both of these placements change, Aquarius in big and sudden ways, and Cancer, in small and almost predictable ways. Just find a person who gets bored easily, you're like a new person every few days! These are all "fixed" signs, so you are very stubborn or persistent.

Scorpio Sun people are interesting and like to get all the information on things. They can read everyone really well and have great intuition. You are strong willed and can be very gentle with people in need. Aquarius Moon rules your emotions, which are difficult to change. You may love someone but then want distance from that person, confusing and hurting them. You are a nonconformist and have to do things your way. This is the sign of the humanitarian, so you may like to volunteer or have pet causes. The Leo rising is the way others see you, and you are outgoing, generous, and a good host.

Leos are warm people and good friends. Again, you want everything to be your way with three fixed signs, but may have planets in other signs which help you to be more flexible. Would you please explain the personality of someone with these sign combinations Gemini sun, Virgo rising, and Scorpio moon? A Gemini Sun sign person is smart, fun, gets bored fast, but then is never boring!

Aquarius Sexual Compatibility: Inventive and Unemotional In Bed

Their minds are going a mile a minute. They talk about several things at once. Virgo rising is the way this person seems to others. Virgos are serious, reliable, good, loyal friends, health conscious, and hard working.

The Person You Are Most Compatible With, Based On Your Moon Sign

Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, which rules how we think, so this is a very intelligent person. They may be attracted to someone because of the way the person thinks or because they are smart too. Scorpio Moon rules emotions. These are intense and sincere.